Re: placeMarkers 13.4-dev, readFeeds 8.1-dev #addontesting

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, I will ask on the Nvda development mailing list following a conversation about Threshold and NVDA's releases. Imo, this could be something to change in NVDA itself, since changes planified for NVDA 2019.3 finally will be included in NVDA 2019.2, and NV Access may want to change NVDA's version of betas to 2019.2.
I will referenced this topic.


El 06/07/2019 a las 20:18, Dark Count escribió:
Place markers add-on is not compatible with this version of NVDA. Minimum NVDA version:
2018.3, last tested: 2019.2.
I am running latest 19.2 beta.
NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
Version: beta-17939,fd65a653
On 7/5/2019 9:10 PM, Noelia Ruiz wrote:

These new pre-releases for testing include the following changes, thanks to @ibrahim-s. Unfortunately, trying to backup personal feeds with the readFeeds add-on, he accidentally selected a folder containing important files and it was replaced. He doesn't want someone can be affected by this problem, so he has created a pull request to prevent this:
- In readFeeds, when using the dialog to copy feeds and save a backup, if the chosen folder is not named personalFeeds, a subfolder with this reserved name will be created in the chosen folder. I have used his code in placeMarkers, though in this case the name will be placeMarkersBackup. Hope this make much less probable to loose important info.
Please see the pull request, now merged, at

These add-ons are available on the community website and from addonUpdater.

Good testing!

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