Re: Add-on dev guide: Luke Davis joins as a collaborator on add-on development guide

Luke Davis

Hi all

I wasn't planning to say anything about this on list, but since Joseph mentioned it, I will make a few comments.

In recent discussions on the list, there has been talk about what should and shouldn't be in the Add-on Dev Guide, and I believe Joseph even mentioned the thought of doing a new one from scratch, although I am not personally in favor of that idea.

As Joseph also said at the time, I don't know exactly what the discussions on all that aught to look like, but we should probably have them, in order to find out what the community wants to see in the Dev guide. The current guide is a very good document, and it covers a lot of ground in surprisingly little space. Of course, as with anything relating to a community document, we welcome any comments that will lead to a guide that best serves the largest number of new and old developers.

Right now, my main priorities are cosmetic and stylistic: making the document as easy to use as possible, and maybe moving sections around a bit, without messing very much with the content.

To that end, the first change I have made is to add a clickable table of contents, and over the next days I will add some other internal linking to increase the ease of navigation.

As stated above, suggestions welcome.
If you send me anything privately at this address, please include NVDA somewhere in the subject.

The Add-on Development Guide can be found here:


On Wed, 5 Jun 2019, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,
I’m happy to announce that our very own Luke Davis has been added as a collaborator on add-on development guide. He will take care of updating and
correcting our guide as we go so I can focus more on Project Threshold. Also, for future reference, Derek Riemer is also a collaborator on dev guide.
Thank you.

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