Re: Notice: Joseph Lee's add-ons are compatible with NVDA 2019.2

Luke Davis

On Wed, 5 Jun 2019, Shaun Everiss wrote:

My thought is to either include in core or have some way of including addons that are as full of potential as they will ever be, but that there is no need to continue developing them because they are complete.
Yes, you have mentioned that several times.

However, the point I think you may be missing here, is that just because there is no need to continue adding features, there is always need to keep developing the addon itself.
Computing is not stagnant.
Security things change; programming languages change; operating systems change; and much and more.
There is no such thing as "complete".

So these old addons, like the IFInterpretor that you have mentioned, are not stable because of their age and lack of further development. They are in fact, less stable than addons under active development, because their code has not been adapted in recent years, to cover new situations in the environment of NVDA and Windows. So eventually, these addons will fall behind enough, that they will break, and not be usable by anyone.

So adding that badly aging code to the core is not some kind of cure-all for making them continue to work. You either end up with lots of code that quickly becomes outdated (or is outdated at the outset), and which will make the screen reader unstable, which nobody would permit; or you add tuns of work to the core developers to force them to maintain that code because now it is part of the main project and must be kept current to insure a stable platform.

One of the main points of having a framework for addons, is to keep support for programs that the majority of people don't use, out of core, for exactly these reasons.

Most people haven't ever heard of IFInterpretor, let alone use it. Why should the core developers have to learn what it is and how it works, just to support those few, when they could be busy making sure that Microsoft Office, or Firefox, or Windows itself, remains as fully usable as possible?
Much better for someone in the community, who actually uses that program, to maintain an addon for it. And if the addon eventually gets too old to work with NVDA any more, because nobody cares enough to keep it updated, it will fall away without hurting the vast number of users who it would effect if it was in core.

I mean no offense, but this idea you seem to have that addons which are well developed and don't need more features, are some how "complete" and thus never need to change again, is simply wrong.


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