Re: NVDA Add on Development Guide and Notepad++

Luke Davis

Hello to anyone still following this long thread.

I attempted an install of notepad++ version 7.6.6, using the 64 bit installer, as both a normal user and an admin user. I took full debug logs from both, which are attached.

Because they are full logs, I have marked them as follows:

A single star (*) above any error, warning, or group of same.
Double stars (**) at the start of the section which shows when I first launched the installer.
A star dash star (*-*) above the main string of errors in the normal user log, relating to the window with the missing tree of checkboxes.

I hope this helps someone figure out what's going on here, but it seems to me that a lot of information that should be included in NVDA debugging, isn't, so I am not hopeful.


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