Re: NVDA Add on Development Guide and Notepad++

Luke Davis

onOn Sat, 18 May 2019, derek riemer wrote:

Are you running as an administrator or lower privlage user?
Derek, you pegged it.

As an admin user, after the UAC to gain admin rights, and the welcome window, the readonly edit field of the user agreement speaks fine. Then later, on the installation type selection screen, if custom is chosen, when tabbing to the next element, instead of silence, a tree is shown with normal options an checkboxes.

I have tested a couple different user accounts: it only works on admin accounts.
I have tested portable copies with the admin config in non-admin accounts, and it fails.
I have reverted to factory defaults in non-admin accounts, and it behaves the same way--that is: the agreement doesn't speak (is blank), and the field after the custom/minimal combo box is not spoken. (Can see the options in object nav, one at a time, but no way to check them or determine that they are checked)

I find it disconcerting that a normal user with elevated privileges doing an install, has a different accessibility landscape than an admin user doing the same install. Since security best practices are to use Windows with non-privileged accounts whenever possible, this has unexpected implications.

I am left with these questions:
1. Is this only local to my installation, or is this a known thing?
2. What might be going on here, that a user account and an admin account, are receiving different accessibility information about screen contents?
3. If this is a known problem: is this a bug, a feature, or a necessity?


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