locked Re: Volume Manager v0.1

Luke Davis

On Sun, 19 May 2019, Carter Temm wrote:

Before we begin, I'd like to ask for the opinion of other list members
on this topic. I find it rather difficult to believe that I stand
alone in my objections. If I do happen to stand alone, which I find
somewhat difficult to believe, I will entirely drop it.
Far from it.

I had intended to stay out of this, but you asked for comments, so here is mine.

Just taking the selfish point of view rather than the ethical one, which you have already explained most effectively: if I was writing a piece of software, be it an ad-on or anything else, and shortly after I released the initial review copy, someone released something doing the same thing under a different name with only slightly amended features, I would take great offense.

I might not necessarily be able to do much about it, because the points about open source (on both sides) are true, but I would be more than a little displeased, and possibly disinclined to contribute to any group which condoned such behavior.

And so to that point, the one voice I most want to hear from here, is Yannick's.

I know that my earlier comments about Sound Manager, would probably indicate that I approve of the changes that Beqa Gozalishvili has made in Volume Manager. However I was surprised to see Volume Manager appear, and once I understood the situation, I found it offensive that this was done to Yannick, and perplexing why it was gone about in this way, without even (seemingly) any attempt to cooperate.

You (Carter) have asked more than once, if Yannick was contacted about this, or possibly fixing the things that Beqa found questionable in the original addon, but I have never heard any answer to that, which leads me to think that the answer must be no.

I found hijacking Sound Manager to be very discourteous to the original developer, and as a user, I will not be using Volume Manager.

Obviously, if new facts come out, this picture could change, but that's what it looks like so far, and the main parties have had at least a day to say otherwise and haven't.


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