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True it could be, people clone things from games to software  to even hardware but there are ways to do it and ways not to.

If something is quoted that its based on something else and if both licences well are the same then its probably ok.

This is opensource, people colaberate on things all the time and are encouraged making different versions of things, as long as you don't blatently steam without permition or calling something your own when its not then its probably fine.

On 20/05/2019 3:43 PM, Andy B. wrote:

I would be offended if after putting months/years into an addon to find out someone copied it and added some extra features. See if the original addon could accept the differing features. So far, I agree with the reviewers and mods in this case. Besides, duplicating an addon could be misconstrued as a digital copyright violation.



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I'm in agreement with you. I'm no add-on developer, but I can put myself

in someone Else's shoes and see things from that person's point of view.

If I were a developer and someone duplicated my product, I'd consider

suing them for either plagiarism or copyright infringement.


On 5/19/2019 9:27 PM, Carter Temm wrote:

> Before we begin, I'd like to ask for the opinion of other list members

> on this topic. I find it rather difficult to believe that I stand

> alone in my objections. If I do happen to stand alone, which I find

> somewhat difficult to believe, I will entirely drop it. But until

> then, I can't help seeing the classic straw man fallacy and refusal to

> get to the bottom of my claims. As much as I'd like to outright attack

> what OP is saying here, I'll stick to the crux of the issue.

>> no one can restrict people in open source community to do something.

> No one can technically restrict you, anywhere, from doing anything.

> It's the psychological consequences that act as our restrictions. If

> you wanted to, you could make a pull request replacing emacs with vim.

> As was done at https://github.com/emacs-mirror/emacs/pull/6

> However, it wasn't merged for obvious reasons. Nobody here has the

> ability to prevent you from throwing whatever you wanted up on github,

> add-on or twelve year-old Tic-Tac-Toe prototype. and that is not, and

> has never been, the intention. We here do have the ability to

> influence what is reviewed and therefore ends up hitting the community

> NVDA add-on site. We as a community have the ability to influence how

> we're collectively perceived.

> So yeah, you are partially right. You can do anything. You just might

> have to face the consequences here, that being the possibility of

> exclusion from the main add-on site while the original developer's

> product is accepted. There's also the possible tarnishing of a

> reputation, but that's perspective.

>> anyway i will repeat, libraries which are using are not written by

>> addon author and thus you can't accent on this.

> Can you elaborate? I have an idea of the point you might be attempting

> to communicate, but would rather hold off until I'm sure I'm not

> firing in the wrong direction.

> As you have undoubtedly noticed by now, I consider this a pretty big

> deal from an ethical standpoint thanks to having been the target more

> times than I want to recall. It's just plain insolence and leaves a

> bad aftertaste for the entire community.

> On 5/19/19, Beqa Gozalishvili <beqaprogger@...> wrote:

>> we didn't break anything.


>> we wanted to do something, we did.

>> we wanted to release an addon, we released.


>> no one can restrict people in open source community to do something.


>> if you were looking at instant translate, it was and is using google

>> translate to translate text.

>> it was released with gtranslate and was temporarily replaced with

>> yatranslate which was then replaced again with gtranslate.



>> anyway i will repeat, libraries which are using are not written by

>> addon author and thus you can't accent on this.


>> On 5/20/19, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io

>> <bglists@...> wrote:

>>> I'd like toolbar explorer in the core as with the announcements of copy

>>> paste etc, rather than use an add on. I think before we all get hot under

>>> the collar at slightly inept pR, presumably not intended to be  annoying

>>> to


>>> anyone folk need to look at features and see exactly what might be better

>>> in


>>> core.

>>>   Brian


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>>> Subject: Re: [nvda-addons] Volume Manager v0.1



>>> Hi,


>>> As rui wrote, there are really many similar addons.

>>> Just before reading this message I was checking the addons Page and

>>> copied

>>> the following addons from Tony Malykh to suggest to include it in just

>>> one.

>>> There are really lots of addons what doubles the keystrokes. And some of

>>> such functionalities shoud have been already included to NVDA core.

>>> The addons are:

>>> IndentNav

>>> BrowserNav


>>> By the way I would like to ask if anybody is working on addon for excel.


>>> Regards,

>>> NSousa


>>> Em dom, 19 de mai de 2019 às 19:01, Rui Fontes

>>> <rui.fontes@...>

>>> escreveu:


>>>> Hello!


>>>> 1 - Several functionalities have several addons...


>>>> At least, and not searching all addons:

>>>> List of Systray elements;

>>>> Reading/writing emoticons/complex symbols;

>>>> Translation;

>>>> Announcemente of copy/paste commands and so on...


>>>> What's the point?

>>>> Include the functionality on a package, make it differently, etc...


>>>> What's the problem?

>>>> For me, none...

>>>> All add-ons code is open source...

>>>> In this case, one person took advantage of an idea and have develloped a

>>>> totally new add-on...

>>>> It is bad? No...

>>>> Could he have asked the author of the idea if he wants to cooperate in

>>>> the add-on in a different way? Yes, but is not mandatory...


>>>> 2 -     Children and stepchildren

>>>> Sometimes it seems that in this community some of us are legal children

>>>> and others are stepchildrens or not legal children...


>>>> Why I say this?

>>>> Remember what happened with the add-on NVDAExtensionGlobalPlugin...

>>>> It was not approved because the author did not want to break it in

>>>> several small add-ons...

>>>> There are any law/directive or what else to do not allow packages of

>>>> add-ons?

>>>> If such exists, Joseph Lee is one of the members that do not comply with

>>>> such normative...


>>>> I have released 3 add-ons...

>>>> The first one was just reviewed by Derek, because no one else did it...

>>>> The second, was reviewed by Abdel, because he have wrote most part of

>>>> the code...

>>>> The third, the simplest, no one review it so far...


>>>> Instead of only think in this new add-on from Beqa, please think also in

>>>> waht I have wrote...


>>>> Best regards,


>>>> Rui Fontes





>>>> Às 16:53 de 19/05/2019, Joseph Lee escreveu:

>>>>> Hi all,

>>>>> Carter raised some good questions, including a point about ethics. I

>>>> have forwarded his concerns to other reviewers for further

>>>> consideration.

>>>> Depending on comments from other reviewers and the community, one or

>>>> more

>>>> of the following will happen:

>>>>> 1. The add-on may receive further reviews, including a proper basic

>>>> review with at least one condition to be fulfilled, which includes

>>>> hearing

>>>> from author of Sound Manager.

>>>>> 2. The add-on may be rejected. If rejected, it may still go through

>>>> basic review, or rejected outright without further reviews.

>>>>> 3. The author will be given an offlist notice, including a suggestion

>>>>> to

>>>> either apologize to the original author and/or collaborate.

>>>>> Because of the fact that a question of ethics was raised, which may

>>>> hinge our reputation, I would like to request that users do NOT provide

>>>> feedback except for issues of ethics raised by Carter for a while. Note

>>>> that this request is sent from perspectives of an add-on reviewer, NVDA

>>>> contributor, and the list owner/head moderator.

>>>>> Cheers,

>>>>> Joseph



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>>>> nvda-addons@nvda-addons.groups.io> On Behalf Of Carter Temm

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>>>>> Subject: Re: [nvda-addons] Volume Manager v0.1


>>>>> >From what I've been given thus far, feel free to provide corrections,

>>>> this really just sounds like an attempt to steal glory. The features

>>>> referenced could easily be contributed back to give a better product

>>>> overall, nah?

>>>>> While you didn't technically break the law, under the default

>>>>> copyright

>>>> license seeing as nothing else was provided on the original repo, most

>>>> people might consider this rather unethical.

>>>>> Now there is the small possibility that we haven't been given the

>>>>> entire

>>>> situation, so I'm curious about the following.

>>>>> 1. Was Yannick consulted before creation of the add-on? Furthermore,

>>>>> is

>>>> he in support of this one? Ideas are ideas, but outright stealing them

>>>> so

>>>> close to a new release is far from okay in my eyes. If I were the

>>>> original

>>>> dev, I would be extremely far from pleased. Code rewrite

>>>> notwithstanding.

>>>>> 2. Is there an explicit reason you've decided not to help Yannick out

>>>> directly, in the form of PR's, issues or even suggestions?

>>>>>> feature which it had is one of other features which our addon

>>>>>> includes

>>>>>> and code is written from scratch

>>>>> This doesn't really answer the question, nor does it provide a reason

>>>> behind deciding to sit down and essentially copy an idea currently

>>>> undergoing review.


>>>>> On 5/19/19, Michal Rada <michal@...> wrote:

>>>>>> Hi, many thanks for this usefull plugin.

>>>>>> Michal


>>>>>> Odesláno z aplikace Pošta pro Windows 10


>>>>>> Od: Beqa Gozalishvili

>>>>>> Odesláno:neděle 19. května 2019 16:44

>>>>>> Komu: nvda-addons@nvda-addons.groups.io; Doug Lee

>>>>>> Předmět: Re: [nvda-addons] Volume Manager v0.1


>>>>>> hello.


>>>>>> we included credits in readme of an addon.


>>>>>> about not helping, feature which it had is one of other features

>>>>>> which

>>>>>> our addon includes and code is written from scratch, so nothing was

>>>>>> left from a previous addon.


>>>>>> On 5/19/19, Doug Lee <nvda@...> wrote:

>>>>>>> I'm afraid I may be missing some context here, so my apologies if my

>>>>>>> questions seem a little strange, but...


>>>>>>> Beqa said:

>>>>>>>> a new addon called VolumeManager has been released.

>>>>>>>> a big thanks to an author of SoundManager from which idea of

>>>>>>>> controlling volume of different applications was taken.

>>>>>>>> addon was re-written from scratch and for this reason we decided to

>>>>>>>> release it on our own.

>>>>>>> My email archive credits the authorship of the SoundManager add-on

>>>>>>> to

>>>>>>> Yannick PLASSIARD <plassiardyannick@...>.


>>>>>>> So two questions: Why not name the author in this email, and why

>>>>>>> rewrite rather than helping with the original project?


>>>>>>> On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 03:23:39PM +0400, Beqa Gozalishvili wrote:

>>>>>>> hello all.


>>>>>>> a new addon called VolumeManager has been released.


>>>>>>> a big thanks to an author of SoundManager from which idea of

>>>>>>> controlling volume of different applications was taken.


>>>>>>> addon was re-written from scratch and for this reason we decided to

>>>>>>> release it on our own.


>>>>>>> github repo is at:

>>>>>>> https://github.com/beqabeqa473/volumeManager


>>>>>>> and download link is:

>>>>>>> https://github.com/beqabeqa473/VolumeManager/releases/download/v0.1/V

>>>>>>> olumeManager-0.1.nvda-addon




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>>>>>>> the ability to seek it.  To be free defines what we can do, not what

>>>>>>> we can get.

>>>>>>> (03/28/05)






>>>>>> --

>>>>>> with best regards beqa













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>> with best regards beqa








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