Re: NVDA Add on Development Guide and Notepad++


Hmmm, I have had some installers on some drivers do this.

Maybe a bit daft but if you use narator in scan mode to select the boxes you want and won't want while a bit untidy, it sort of works well enough.

On 18/05/2019 7:33 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
On Fri, 17 May 2019, DaVid wrote:

I installed notepad++ on my new small ultrabook the past week... 7.6.6
version, 64 bits, on windows 10 latest update. I selected custom
installation and deleted some components that I don't use. I didn't
experience accessibility issues at all.
Interesting.  Perhaps I am wrong, then.  That is exactly what I tried to do, however.

So, here's the process.
After I run the installer and pass the UAC, I get:
Installer language: I select English and OK.
Next I pass the welcome dialog.
Next is the first accessibility issue:
The dialog with the license agreement explains that you must agree, tells you to press page down to continue reading the agreement, and presents what NVDA calls a blank "edit readonly multiline".
Pressing alt-A to agree to the agreement I can't read, results in the installation folder dialog, which works fine.

Next is the major accessibility issue here: the "select the components you want to install" dialog.

The first option is a picker, defaulting to the word "custom". Object description calls this  "Combo box custom invisible".
Pressing the up arrow gets "minimalist".

Leaving it set to custom, I tab to the next field, which the text of the window suggests should be some checkboxes to choose components.  However, when I tab past custom, I get no speech feedback at all.  Flat review just gives me "custom" there, and object nav doesn't come up with anything interesting. Also, tabbing back and forth in this dialog results in inconsistent spoken feedback.
Obviously something does happen, because just tabbing and moving arrow keys, will change the installed size from 9.X MB to 4.4 MB (apparently).

If I read full window, it reads the window twice, but the second time adds "Description grouping. Install the API files you need for the auto completion feature. Control+space."
I can get the same info via object nav, but no other options.

So, all that said: is this different from your experience?  If not, how do you manage to choose (or even hear) options?

For what it's worth, I have tried this with and without addons.


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