Re: Asking for an Plotagon addon.

Pawel Urbanski

Adding a comment on top of what James already said... Plotagon for
those who do not know is the app that lets script videos, give or
take, without recording them. The final video is rendered from a
library of components.
Even if it would be possible to write an NVDA add-on to let blind
users script those videos, the final output or even more so output in
development would need to be checked by a sighted person for best

On 03/05/2019, James Scholes <james@...> wrote:
Presumably you're refering to Plotagon Studio. In short, the answer to
your question of whether an NVDA add-on can be created for it is no.

The user interface is implemented as a web application
(HTML/CSS/JavaScript). This then runs inside a WebKit container which
in turn is embedded inside Unity, a framework for creating
cross-platform media-oriented applications and games. Unity does not
expose any accessibility information to screen readers at all, and NVDA
add-ons need at least something to work with. There is a plug-in called
the UI Accessibility Plugin (UAP) which can make some Unity-based
components speak with a screen reader, but this does not support
embedded web views and likely never will.

Your best option would be to contact the developers of this application
to see if there is anything they can do e.g. to make the web-based
application available in a browser, an application powered by Electron
instead of Unity, etc. That would be the first step — to make the web
application actually browsable by screen reader users. Who knows, maybe
the web app itself is full of accessibility problems, but they could be


James Scholes

On 03/05/2019 at 5:51 am, Chantelle Buys wrote:
Afternoon everyone.

I would like to tell you about plotagon and ask if someone would be
willing to help me by creating an addon to use the program. Plotagon is
a fun and creative program that even the blind can use however, NVDA
doesn't read the program at all. Is there anyone who would be able to
create some sort of add on to get it working with NVDA? I can read the
login page with the ocr but, that's about it.
I'm using the latest version of NVDA.



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