Re: IBMTTS and eloquence driver comments.


They told me that I can connect my own app with voxin.
Although I can't include voxin libraries, or use the generated audio
in audio books and so.
If my app is a bridge to connect voxin to the NVDA IBMTTS driver, is
still my app.
Users can buy voxin that costs about $5. Voxin is for linux only.
Can't run on windows natively, but it can run on wsl "Windows
subsystem for linux".
Oralux can't compile voxin for windows because they don't have the
source code to do it. they're just selling Voxin.
We can't do anything to compile voxin for windows or another IBM tts


2019-04-25 0:21 GMT-06:00, Shaun Everiss <>:

Well have anyone asked auralux about using this natively as sapi in
windows or in nvda itself?

Its all not for proffit and while I doubt they will do it for sapi, the
nvda addon source is allready there.

Now, they may or may not allow us to hack something together legally but
they may actually make it themselves.

THat would be a solution if anything else.

This looks to be a speech wrapper for some synths like speechhub is.

On 25/04/2019 8:21 AM, James Scholes wrote:
I agree with you, but all I can do is repeat: if you want to know if
distributing certain code is legal or not, you will need to consult
with a lawyer.  Nobody on this list is qualified or contracted to say
that it is legal or otherwise, and anybody giving you advice here
won't be able to help you if that advice turns out to be wrong.


James Scholes

On 24/04/2019 at 3:10 pm, DaVid wrote:
The add-on doesn't reffer to eloquence, does not include eloquence
libraries, but is based on a public document reference api, also on
some oralux examples.
If this add-on can be made for voxin, it should be legal, I think.
because is not eloquence. Oralux let developers to use voxin libraries
as long as the user buys a license and the developer can't include
voxin libraries. Its the user's responsibility to buy and use voxin
over wsl with NVDA or use any other illegal library as many currently
So distribution of an IBMTTS add-on (without libraries) could be legal
as speech dispatcher or emacspeak (for example) are.
I'm looking for solutions. My country is considering to buy a global
country licence of a very expencive screen reader (that I don't want
to mention) and users comments can influence the decision.
Even if my main synthesizer were Espeak, I would try to find a good
and acceptable solution for everyone.



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