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Well, on that note, I do wander if some addons could be intergrated into nvda.

Things like the interactive fiction interpritors support which has been round for ages and ages is a good addon, but its quite old, I see no reason to not put this support in natively its been about for at least 3 years or more now.

On 24/04/2019 12:57 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Good morning,

As you should be aware, we have recently added a version control system for NVDA add-ons.  This allows authors to specify a minimum required and last tested version of NVDA.  While currently, NVDA will still work with older add-ons, in a future version, NVDA will refuse to install or enable add-ons which do not contain this information or where the current version falls outside the minimum and tested versions.

I have had emails from a number of users who are concerned that the add-ons they rely on will no longer work with a future version of NVDA.  I am writing particularly to anyone who hasn't updated their add-ons recently, to both make sure you are aware of this situation and to seek reassurance that you intend to update your add-on (or if you intend not to update it).  I would like to then pass this reassurance back to our mutual users directly (for those who have asked) and via our In-Process blog: 

I've written to several developers individually and skipped others who I can see have updated their add-ons with version information recently.  So if you get this request twice, I apologise.

Feel free to either reply to me personally or back to the list as you see fit.

Kind regards


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