Re: IBMTTS and eloquence driver comments.


Well code factory hold the rights for eloquence so we have to put up with it.

Then again do you need to use eloquence.

There are the 1 core voices, and vocaliser.

If you really, really need for windows eloquence or a similar, flite will work, its free, and crappy sounding its used on linux to.

Over that, voxin is only for linux but its cheap enough.

Talk to the devs and see what it would take to make it for nvda and or sapi.

I mean if its only 30 bucks an os I will buy it gladly.

On 24/04/2019 12:52 PM, DaVid wrote:
Hi all.

I'd like to comment about eloquence and IBMTTS legality. Yes, I'm
reliving a very past commented topic, I know.
I was the first developer of the driver, originally called ibmeci or
eci, I can't remember. At time of developing it, I was a high school
teenager unconcerned of licence problems.

But develop for IBMTTS is not ilegal I think. Voxin and TTSynth let it
for theyr products, but the user must have to buy a personal licence.
E.G. to oralux, it costs just $5 per language.
So the driver IBMTTS should be legal.
Although use it with eloquence libraries would be ilegal and I as a
developer can't control it, it's just life coincidences that eloquence
and IBMTTS share the same api.
OK, voxin or TTSynth doesn't work on windows, but it could be solved
with wsl. I had good results running voxin on wsl, and I could write a
fakade eci library on windows to communicate with voxin in wsl. Oralux
has in their github an eci fakade example.
I just want show more evidence about legality of an IBMTTS driver.
NVDA users could buy voxin and use it or any library with the same

Some weeks ago I loaded a IBMTTS driver to github as a NVDA addon, it
adds many new features and compatibility with python 3, audio ducking
improvements, easier dialog to configure the path of IBM tts library
files, ETC. Also contributions from many of you, but as a ilegal
driver no one wrote his name here.

I'd like to receive contributions here to avoid multiple driver distributions.
So I want to ask you. If this driver is based on voxin documentation
(And no one can prove otherwise) could it be legal?
Do you consider useful to make voxin compatible with NVDA?

I know about CF driver. But that driver is expensive, outdated, with
many performance problems, requires internet connection, ETC. And CF
doesn't seem to want to solve any of this.
Could be useful to use a IBM tts voice like voxin with NVDA for just $5?



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