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Noelia Ruiz

Personally I dont use the copy to clipboard option directly, since I just include automatic descriptions If I think they are quite accurate or relevant for the situation, and I dont know this until I read the result. A different approach would be to add this at the bottom after result, maybe after a separator or blank lines. Even this could be optional and configurable.


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El 15 abr 2019, a las 7:21, Robert Hänggi <> escribió:

On 14/04/2019, Noelia Ruiz <> wrote:
Hi, making another suggestion: I would like that the used plugin was
mentioned at least in the title of browseable message or document
result. This is useful when we copy some article with graphics and we
want to include automatic descriptions with reference to the origin.
I don't like that as title, but you could append it to the clipboard
result, something like:
"Powered by OnlineImageDescriber".
But you might need to mention the used engine as well.


El 13/04/2019 a las 15:20, Larry Wang escribió:
- a checkbox for OCR if short text should be spoken or always displayed.
'Use browse-able message for text result' is provided for this purpose.
- Always Browse-able Message for image description but eventually
replaced by a faked recognition object if any object positions are
There is faked object result for image description.
If you use the faked object in Azure analyzer position info is included.
I set the faked position of general description to left right corner of
the image. What comes after description is the name of celebrities
landmarks and faces, location information are attached to object name.

Roughly 20% of ocr space result is timeout. May be 10 second timeout is
still not enough for OCR?

As for GUI issue. May be I should put common options on top of engine
settings for convenience.

On 2019/4/13 16:11, Robert Hänggi wrote:
ized objects/faces but I don't see that

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