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That's because it's not that simple -- it's not a matter of liking or disliking. For example, if you encounter an object that you know to be an edit box, and you tell NVDA to change the object's roll to be an edit box, it will not act like an edit box until you create an overriding class to redefine all its functions to behave like an edit box, e.g., cursor tracking, arrowing, etc, and you'd have to know what kind of edit box it is, where its text might be stored, etc. You'd have to do the same for all other possible roles an object may have, e.g., a button, check box, etc.

Obviously as I'm not a programmer, I'm probably misrepresenting things, but there are no magic fix like you suggest -- just reclassify an object with a given role and expect it to behave like you think it should, e.g., if you have something you think is a check box, just telling nVdA that it's a check box may not allow you to press space on it to check it, let alone NVDA detecting that it has been checked or unchecked. Joseph et al, am I understanding things properly?


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yes it would be nicer, but Joseph and others don't seem to like that idea for some reason.

On 9/1/2017 4:56 PM, mikolaj holysz wrote:
good idea, but wouldn't it be nicer to make it possible to do it non-programmatically, i.e. wirte an addon that after focusing an object with objnav and pressing a keyboard shortcut displaying a reclass window like in jaws?
It would keep it's info in some kind of slecial file that could then be exported into a separate NVDA addon.

W dniu 2017-09-01 o 22:23, Josh Kennedy pisze:

I was sitting here thinking of how templates are used in google docs and microsoft office to quickly make resumes and other such things. And then I was struck by an idea I want to run by you guys.

Why not make add-on templates for NVDA? Here is how they would work. An addon template lets non-programmers edit a file to accomplish a specific task such as renaming reclassing objects in certain applications, hitting tab to go through objects in an unuseable application and so on. Lets say you have an inaccessible object you want to make it useable quickly. you open the object reclass template in notepad its a prepared .py file with extensive comments. Most of the work is done for you. the comments may instruct you, however, to get info from the log and paste it here or paste in this bit of code save your file then rename the .py file to what application you want it to act on. templates could be made for global tasks, app specific tasks and so on. Its like a word template but it would be designed to quickly paste in some python code so the non-programmer could do some basic things like reclassing and renaming objects, doing things when objects appear or disappear and so on. What do you think, good idea or not? oh and then when the person is done making the template, they could package it into an addon to share with the community.


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