compatability checker


Hi all.

With the upcoming releases of nvda to have issues with addons, I do wander ahead of time that there should be some tool a user and or developer should use to check addons to see if they meet any new specifications of nvda going forward, not for this release but for all future releases.

The tool would have to have the following features.

1.  the ability to be able to check addons against spaciffic versions, thatwould include all current releases, and stable additions, including previous releases where appropriate, alpha builds,beta builds and rcs, stable versions, and the current snapshot if needed.

The ability to check against a spaciffic nvda version, windows version, etc where applicable at least till the end of windows 8 maybe and who knows.

A check for future windows versions, including windows 10 insider builds.

Version of python used where applicable, and other libraries when applicable.

Finally, the ability to save results to a file, either text or nicely converted html, and have it show what is wrong, and what needs to be done to fix it.

I do realise that this would be probably using an online database or something.

And I am not sure about how this would work, for everything but it would be good if something like this existed.

For nvda, at least for all versions that have compatibility flags in them, maybe check against that though those can be moved.

And then you have changes and I do know that git changelogs, etc do get uploaded for things I think and whatsnews.

For the rest I am just woffling.

This could be an nvda addon, but maybe it should be an external tool initially, but maybe that could be part of nvda and be able to be envoked from a developer menu inside tools or a check addon compatability command like in firefox.

On the other side, if you didn't want it in nvda itself, an external tool wouldn't need to be a python program at all, it could be in just about anything.

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