Re: Tone Master: Anyone remember this add-on?


I never bothered running addons with no function other than usefullness, even big synths, they all take resources.

To be honest, I do wander if tone master could be made into its own program, there are loads of plugins to make things.

The tone generator in bgt is quite good, the drawback is because bgt programs are viruses because how bgt functions are compiled you would have to run files from source.

However some full featured tone maker would be nice.

To be honest though it may be something to do.

On that note, it would depend on this list, I guess you could make a project out of this either on chat or well, if you can get yourself to the offtopic on forum and subscribe to there maybe who knows.

We would need a place to store them, if we make enough I guess we could dump them on bandcamp, have a few free, and put a little price on the lot if we got more than 10-20 tracks, either name your price or something like 2-4 bucks or something for enough, the cash would probably go back to nvaccess, then again I doubt you would make much out of tones and it could be a nice donation option I guess.

But who knows.

I havn't seen any good stuff for ages and with things like reaper and all the nentendo and other tone making plugins I am unsure about traction we would get.

Now I do have a lot of tone maker stuff that was started in 2007 when people actually gave a mudball about it but like the old dectalk its niche and if anyone of us did it, it'd have to be a serious thing, I have seen to many 1 shot wanders that went then fizzled, and while yes there were a few tracks out at the time only a few could be called music.

On 15/03/2019 11:46 PM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi folks,

So, anyone remember of this one?

And even, anyone is using it right now?

I just downloaded it and did a small test file to start with, the result actually came out quite good if you ask me.

Now it would be even cooler if I could ever find a folder with files to put into the add-on or even if anyone wants to get into this adventure of making their own files with me.

So what you guys'd say? :)


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