Re: Request for comments: an outline of a complete course on NVDA internals and code contributions

derek riemer

I also think it would be invaluable to add. Also, watching people do code reviews teaches you about good coding practice, so even showing people how to watch code reviews would be helpful.

On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 4:45 AM, James Scholes <james@...> wrote:
Joseph Lee wrote:
Add-ons review is something that cannot be incorporated easily into the course unless there’s huge demand for it.
Add-on reviews are extremely helpful to the community, not to mention being a great source of learning for people who are new to programming or to add-on creation, the very same audience that your course is aimed at.  This topic would fit perfectly into unit 6 and shouldn't be excluded.

Code review is an important software development skill, especially when working within a team or on a community-driven project.  So at the very least you should probably explain in a bit more detail why you're not kean on teaching it.
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