wxPython 4: try build 15001 now available for testing


Hi everyone,


Note: wxPython 4 is not Python 3. Although it brings compatibility with Python 3, we’re not yet moving to Python 3 until wxPy 4 is integrated into NVDA properly.


As wxPython 4 code is no longer part of NVDA snapshots, I’m resuming regular try build releases for wxPython 4 powered NVDA. Unlike the first series, the try builds in this series are built via Appveyor. You’ll find that you can now install this try build and try various scenarios.


The overall aim of wxPython 4 try builds series is to test compatibility of current NVDA code and wxPython 4. It also serves as a testing platform for add-on compatibility as we continue to uncover add-ons that needs updating. As this is a continuous try builds series, I’ll release builds regularly, especially after a change that could affect wxPython 4 compatibility is committed to master branch.


If you discover problems or have feedback, please send them to me via GitHub at:



The first build in the resurrected try builds series can be found at:



Note: I won’t be able to respond to any NVDA questions or review requests throughout April, as I’ll be attending various events throughout this month. I’ll try my best to get back to you ASAP.




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