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In terms of the numpad toggle, if we're talking shared computers here, then when numlock is off, then sighted users would expect the same functionality that they would normally get,i.e., 2/4/6/8 being arrow keys, 3 and 9 being page down/up, and 7 and 1 being home/end. I'm not sure what the behavior of the other keys are supposed to be, but I don't think it would be limited to just laptop keyboards, but desktop keyboards as well.


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Hi Alberto

I think you understand it alright.

Yes, it would only available for Laptops with the new NumPad layout.
What's more, it will be a (unassigned) shortcut that switches between
the two modes.
I don't think that it should be a start up option but I don't have
such a laptop and don't no the preferences of our Italian neighbours.

I have the menu point under Preferences/Shared Computer and the wx
version is 4.01 according to the python console output (wx.Version)


On 17/03/2018, Alberto Buffolino <> wrote:
Adriani Botez, il 17/03/2018 16.36, ha scritto:
this function would be in conflict with the object navigation as it is
in the command reference. I am not sure what this function would improve.
Could you please elaborate on this more exactly?
Hi Adriani,
first, a premise: I don't followed entire thread.
If I understand correctly, Robert would like to use numpad according to
Windows behavior, that is, to navigate simulating arrows, page up/down
and home/end, particularly useful with laptop keyboard with numpad keys
but without the other navigation keys (I don't have a such laptop, but I
read it by various users).
So, my suggestion to remove/add gestures is based on assumption that the
user (or add-on) set NVDA laptop layout, not desktop.
If I non't understand correctly... sorry, ignore me :)

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