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Luke Davis

Welcome, Esteban!

While it is possible, and I hope someone will come forward to help as you have requested, it is more likely that you will get help by posting about specific problems you have, or things that aren't working as you expect.

Many of us are willing to advise about specific solutions, where we might not have time for the open ended commitment that doing an interactive code review suggests.

Feel free to post code samples, or links to code files.

You may also want to look at:
if you haven't already.

Also, this message had only hashtags as a topic title.


Esteban Aguilar wrote:

If anyone is familiar with the stack and procedure to develop an add-on, we would
greatly appreciate your guidance and help! Please respond to this thread whenever possible and let us know if you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting to
go over the code for an existing add-on.Thank you!Best,

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