Re: Mostly for Javi (proposal): incorporating Explorer Enhancements to Windows App Essentils ad-don

Javi Domínguez

Hello, Joseph.

I really had this addon a little abandoned. You can take code that you find useful and add it to Windows App Essentials if you want.

El 21/01/2023 a las 14:26, Joseph Lee escribió:

Hi Javi and users of Explorer Enhancements,

In 2021, a discussion arose on this forum about a conflict between two add-ons – Windows App Essentials and Explorer Enhancements – regarding bundling of File Explorer app module ( in our add-ons. One of the results was a solution where Explorer Enhancements can add additional events after detecting the presence of the app module from another add-on.

Recently I found myself patching File Explorer module from NVDA Core to add various Windows 11 enhancements, the latest being touch and mouse support for upcoming Windows 11 22H2 features. Also, while not strictly a patching routine, I added an overlay class in the global plugin portion of Windows App Essentials to introduce enhancements for taskbar icons (position announcements being one of them). Although taskbar icons are defined in File Explorer, I’m using the global plugin route in order to avoid conflicts with Javi’s Explorer Enhancements.

After looking at Javi’s code and comparing it with that of NVDA Core, I realized that both add-ons can use a single app module for File Explorer (NVDA Core does not define name change and focus entered event in File Explorer, and Windows App Essentials do not add these events either). Therefore, if Javi is willing and the community agrees, I would like to incorporate Javi’s app module into Windows App Essentials. This resolves the app module conflict, and if the code is ready, submit empty folder announcement to NV Access as a pull request, likely targeting 2023.2 at the earliest (Javi, if you want, you can also submit a pull request asking NV Access to incorporate your File Explorer app module changes to NVDA Core). If the proposal is accepted, I’ll add File Explorer enhancements to Windows App Essentials in February at the earliest.

By the way, the last tested version recorded in Explorer Enhancements manifest is 2021.3 (hope the add-on is not abandoned at the moment…).



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