Re: Braille configuration key error in last alpha

Javi Domínguez

Hello, Cyrille.

Yes, that is exactly what has happened, but from point 2.

First I runned alpha and the warning appeared, then I downgraded to 2022.4beta3 and later I upgraded to alpha again. All with the same config.

El 27/11/2022 a las 23:00, Cyrille via escribió:

Hi Javi

In a normal upgrade process, the obsolete key should have been removed. I have given a try again and the key is actually removed.

Maybe you have used a new config with an older release, which is considered an downgrade and which is not supported. For example you may have done things like this:
1. Run 2022.4beta3 (the schemaVersion in the config is 8)
2. Run last alpha with the same config (either because you have upgraded or used the -c parameter to point to the same config)
   At this step, the config is upgraded and the schemaVersion is 9.
3. Run again 2022.4beta3 with the same config and changed braille settings
   noMessageTimeout' key is created in the config but the schemaVersion remains to 9.
4. Run last alpha with same config
   No upgrade takes place because the schemaVersion is already 9.

Let me know if you could have done things like this during your tests.



On Sun, Nov 27, 2022 at 08:19 PM, Javi Domínguez wrote:

Hello, Cyrille.


Thanks for the clarification. I will adapt my addons to be compatible with this change.


This warn appeared on a clean copy of alpha, however when upgrading a copy from 2022.4beta3 to alpha, the noMessageTimeout key is still present but has no effect. This is irrelevant for the user but for an addon developer it can be inconvenient. Without warning KeyError: 'noMessageTimeout' I would not understand why my code has no effect, It would have taken longer to discover the cause and fix it. Obsolete keys shouldn't be removed when upgrading?



El 26/11/2022 a las 22:45, Cyrille via escribió:
Hi Javi

Yes this key has been removed as written in the change log in "API Breaking Changes" section:
- The configuration specification has been altered, keys have been removed or modified (#14233).
  - In ``[braille]`` section:
    - ``noMessageTimeout`` has been removed, replaced by a value for ``showMessages``.

Actually, the alpha branch already contains compatibility breaking changes that should land in NVDA 2023.1.

Let me know if you need more information; I am the author of this PR.



On Sat, Nov 26, 2022 at 09:19 PM, Javi Domínguez wrote:



I have this problem with the latest alpha, 27190,85efa6d7 (2023.1.0.27190) in one of my addons:


    self.brailleMessageTimeout = config.conf["braille"]["noMessageTimeout"]
  File "config\__init__.pyc", line 1099, in __getitem__
KeyError: 'noMessageTimeout'

In previous versions it works fine. Is it a bug or is that key removed or moved somewhere else)




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