#AddonRelease Mozilla Apps Enhancements 1.17 #addonrelease

Javi Domínguez


I've just released the update of the addon Mozilla Apps Enhancements 1.17

New in this version:

* Fixed what was broken with the Thunderbird 102.0 update
* Again correctly reads message headers.
* Gestures for reading headers have been modified; now control+shift+1-9 reads the sender and recipients and control+shift+0 reads the subject.
* Now correctly reads the status bar.
* Message reading in the preview pane has been improved and automatic reading has been implemented. Now when selecting a message in the list its content will be read without having to press anything else (as long as the preview panel is activated [F8]). This feature can be turned on or off in NVDA Preferences > Options > Mozilla Thunderbird or by using a gesture (not assigned by default).
* Some performance improvements and minor bug fixes.


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