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Hi Alberto,

No problem, thank you for your always very instructive and enriching questions.

As you can see, I used 2 mixin classes.

The objective is to be able to call the super method while respecting the MRO order.

In a function external to the class hierarchy, super will not work.

Another thing, getTextWithFields method is used in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers when reading text in browse mode, that's why I extended its features in Mixin class.

With notepad and notepad++, extending the functionality of the _getTextRange method is enough to take text modification into account.

That's why I extended these 2 methods.

I think extending only getTextWithFields would be more than enough, you can test if you want.

Kind regards,

Le 20/08/2022 à 16:56, Alberto Buffolino a écrit :
Il 20/08/2022 12.17, Abdel ha scritto:
This type of practice is not highly recommended, as it changes NVDA's internal behavior when reading text.
Hi Abdel,
thanks a lot for your code!
I'll study more deeply in next days, I'm quite in pause now... I have seen various interesting tricks.
Anyway, in my plans these bad things happen only when user launches the specific say all, that not override the standard one, so it'd be less risky.
Thanks again.

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