Re: First steps in addon development

Ramón Corominas

Hi Akash, thank you for your message, I'm happy to know that there are others walking this way with me ☺

Regarding autocompletion, I'm getting used to it in VSCode and I find it really useful, especially if the programmer has included type hints and docstrings. It was certainly confusing at the beginning, but with time and patience I'm now more or less confident using it. Nevertheless, I still have to fix its results sometimes, but using Control+shift+M to detect syntax errors is usually enough to solve them.

As for the NVDA's code autocompletion, you can achieve it if you work directly with the NVDA's source code, as Joseph mentioned. I had some trouble building it due to missing dependencies in Visual Studio, but I think you don't need to build anything to obtain the advantages of autocompletion.


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