Re: First steps in addon development

Ramón Corominas

Hi Joseph, thank you very much for your quick and detailed answer!

No IDE, just Notepad++ & command-line tools
Well, I'm now in my transition to using VSCode as my primary editor after years of coding using Ultraedit and I'm interested in any experiences with different editors. I tried Notepad++ some time ago but I had some accessibility problems with it, maybe I can give it a second chance...

I keep latest versions of various NVDA development builds (channels)
so I can replicate user environments.

Could you please elaborate this? I'm not sure of having understood it. Anyway, I assume this is because some of your addons are somwhat complex or interact with the system and you need to test them very well, isn't it?

I use what I wrote initially – NVDA add-on development guide
Yes, I've read that and it's great for understanding the basics of how NVDA addons work . Regarding that guide, I'm curious about the remote python console that is mentioned in the last part of that guide... Do you know how it works? I've managed to launch it and I see that the port is listening, but I don't know how to connect to it to send python commands and obtain the results, if possible.

I disassemble Python bytecode as part of optimization work from time
to time (a topic that requires a dedicated thread to discuss as it is quite advanced).

I didn't know that this was even possible... It would be great if you could elaborate a bit more, I'm now intrigued 😉

NVDA screen reader development setup, complete with Visual Studio
2022 Community ...

You mentioned that for editing code you use Notepad++, I suppose you use Visual Studio Community just for builds and not for coding, isn't it?

Flake8 (linter)
Is this a command-line tool? I've seen some settings in VSCode to use flake8, but I don't have much experience with linters and I guess that it will need some setup. Is there a particular setup for NVDA's code?

Here are four example add-ons to showcase them:
Thank you very much for these examples, they will be great for my learning. I also did a quick read of your articles about specific addons you developed and I'm sure I will learn a lot from them! ☺

I also include type hints, lint results, and lots of source code

I also try to use type hints, but sometimes I find it difficult to define the arguments' types when they are not native or accept multiple types, any hints on type hints will be appreciated 😉. I don't know what are those "lint results", could you please elaborate on this?

As for my add-on development methodology, I tend to follow agile,
iterative development method

Hopefully I'll understand agile... Someday... 😂

1. Read and write a lot
2. Have clear and reasonable set of goals
3. Test and test again
Although I'm not new to programming, I am a complete newbie to NVDA's code and I think these are three of the best tips on programming that I've ever received!  In particular, the second one is a very good reminder, everytime I learn something new I feel so excited that tend to explode on ideas for "solving" everything 😂

learn to remove color from pictures.
Great tip, too, as developers we tend to forget that we are working for users and that we need to know how they will use our apps... Thanks!


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