Re: New add-on: Chessmart

Akash Kakkar

Wonderful buddy! I haven't played chess since a long time, I think I played it when I was in school.

Gonna try it out!

On 8/14/2022 1:30 AM, Musharraf wrote:
Hello NVDA Community,

This is Musharraf from Blind Pandas Team.

We're pleased to announce the public availability  of Chessmart add-on for NVDA.

What is Chessmart?
Chessmart (chess: smart) is an add-on for NVDA that provides a fully featured, completely accessible chess playing environment for blind and visually impaired chess players.

How to use
1. Install the add-on
2. Start a new game from the add-on;s menu, which you can find in NVDA's main menu
3. Set the game options as follows:
◦ Play mode: user versus computer, or user versus user (two players)
◦ Chess variant: the add-on supports standard chess and other 7 different chess variants including Chess 960, Anti chess, Atomic chess, Kings of the hill, Racing kings, Hords, and Three check.
◦ Time control: choose among classical, rapid play, blitz, bullit, or custom time controls
◦ FEN: use a custom chessboard Fen
◦ If the play mode is user versus computer; you can adjust the engine options, including engine strength and engine delay
4. Enjoy!

You can download the add-on from the GitHub release page:


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