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Ramón García

Sorry, I forgot something important, which is the possibility to move back when you play against the machine to not have to resign an interesting game when you make a mistake.

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Thanks Musharraf. This could be nice.
I have some suggestions:
1. Adding de feature to input moves from the keyboard in order to play faster ("e2e4").
2. In puzzle position, the position can be read from ASCII text in order to not going square by square.
3. In human-machine mode, you can adjust Elo or time thinking but setting both is confuse in my opinion.
Best regards.

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Asunto: [nvda-addons] New add-on: Chessmart

Hello NVDA Community,

This is Musharraf from Blind Pandas Team.

We're pleased to announce the public availability of Chessmart add-on for NVDA.

What is Chessmart?
Chessmart (chess: smart) is an add-on for NVDA that provides a fully featured, completely accessible chess playing environment for blind and visually impaired chess players.

How to use
1. Install the add-on
2. Start a new game from the add-on;s menu, which you can find in NVDA's main menu 3. Set the game options as follows:
◦ Play mode: user versus computer, or user versus user (two players) ◦ Chess variant: the add-on supports standard chess and other 7 different chess variants including Chess 960, Anti chess, Atomic chess, Kings of the hill, Racing kings, Hords, and Three check.
◦ Time control: choose among classical, rapid play, blitz, bullit, or custom time controls ◦ FEN: use a custom chessboard Fen ◦ If the play mode is user versus computer; you can adjust the engine options, including engine strength and engine delay 4. Enjoy!

You can download the add-on from the GitHub release page:


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