New add-on, enhanced tones! Improves the tone generation.


Hi there!

I've created an add-on to change the way NVDA manages tone generation.
Also, the waveform used for tone generation is different, but you can
use the original NVDA waveform too.
Download the add-on here:

This add-on was created as a solution to a problem I had a long time
ago with a realtec card in one of my computers. Nowadays I don't have
that problem, but I've continued using the add-on because I feel it is
more efficient, especially in fast tone repetition.

When NVDA emits a tone, it does the following:
1. opens the nvwave player.
2. generates the tone.
3. sends the generated tone to the player.
4. closes the player.

This can be problematic on some sound cards, as high latency when
playing the tones, or not playing the first tones at all.
I don't have this problem now, but as I said before, I feel a better
behavior when outputting the tones. Also who knows, if someone else
might be having this problem yet.

By default it's set to use the custom tone generator. But you can
change it to the original NVDA one, this is apart from the function
that outputs the tones to the sound card.

For developers: If you want to implement new tone generation waves,
just make a class similar to the tone generators available, and add it
in the availableToneGenerators dictionary.

David CM.

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