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Hi, I still find adding comments to those issues very hard to do. However I can put a few suggestions here and if somebody more github savvy than I wishes to put these in feel free.
Perhaps when a breaking nvda change occurs, the authors of the affected add ons should be be sent emails, say once a month about this, as they may not have been watching all the time.
I'm assuming that if an add on can still work if its manifest is changed, and this is done, it will still be acceptable to do so pending an official version?

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Subject: [nvda-addons] Add-on store feature

Hi everyone,

We are making our early work on an "in NVDA" add-on store publicly available.
For details please see PR #13985 ( )

This is still in the early stages, it allows browsing and installing add-ons from the addon-datastore repository ( ).
In order to have add-ons presented in the NVDA add-on Store, submissions of add-on releases must be made via that repository.
We intend to implement the basic use-cases for updating add-ons before this is merged into NVDA and included in a release.
The intention is to integrate all features from the add-on manager dialog, into the add-on store dialog, eventually allowing the removal of the add-on manager dialog.
Side-loading add-ons will continue to be supported.

As this is still early work, there are some known issues, these are listed on the PR.
We welcome feedback on this implementation, please do try it out, and supply any feedback directly with NV Access, either on the GitHub pull request or via info@... so that we can rely on receiving it, and address it promptly.

Reef (NV Access)

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