Re: Differences between Winsound and Mwave?

Noelia Ruiz

Hope other people provide more info.
I tried playing a file with nvwave and it worked well in an add-on. I
think that winsound maybe better to play sounds available on Windows
like icon error, icon question, etc. And for other kind of files, I'd
prefer to use nvwave.
I think that a difference maybe that nvwave takes care about ducking
NVDA if appropriate, and also considers if other sounds have been
played by nvwave.
If you use git grep to find where these modules are used in NVDA,
you'll find that winsound is used in browseMode, and, when sounds are
played to indicate if NVDA is in focus or in browse mode, ducking is
not managed.
Hope this helps

2022-08-02 7:25 GMT+02:00, Han Solo <skydreamer2112@...>:


What's the difference?

Which module is better for playing audio in NVDA?


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