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Ramón García

For some reason sending keys it works better. Thanks to Karl-Otto who gave me a good piece of advice too.

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You may try with obj.setfocus method too, to move the focus physically.

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El 1 ago 2022, a las 10:25, Karl-Otto Rosenqvist <Karl-otto@...> escribió:

Just be aware that this won't work on systems that uses other languages than English. "New" in Swedish is "Ny" so you won't focus that file or folder if you let the system create it, i e sending Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder. If you set the name yourself it might work if you don't make the file name translatable because then you have to loop through the file name to type each letter.

This wasn't meant to be a downer, just a heads up. :)

Good luck!


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Den 2022-07-31 kl. 23:28, skrev Ramón García via
This was what I wanted, thank you, Noelia, y shown me the correct way.
def script_newFile(self, gesture):
fgObj = api.getForegroundObject()
route = ""
route += self.getRoute(fgObj)
file = open(route+'\\newFile.txt','a+')
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You may show your source code for a better reply. I'd try with the
redraw() method obj.redraw() or sending the f5 key to the system:
from keyboardHandler import KeyboardInputGesture
2022-07-31 15:53 GMT+02:00, Ramón García via
Hi everyone,

My name is Ramón, from Spain. I am glad to be here.

I would like to ask you something about a script I am writing.

I am in Windows Explorer. There are 5 items in the list view (obj.parent).

I press the script gesture and a new item is created in that folder.

Now I would like to set the focus to the new item, but when I check
the children of the list view (obj.parent.childCount), the same 5 items appear.

Is there a way I can force to NVDA to refresh the view list from the

I tried changing the focus from a list item to the list view after
the new file was created but did not work,

I appreciate your answer.


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