new version of Enhanced phonetic reading (delayed descriptions)


Hi there!
I've updated this add-on, the only change is the added compatibility
with NVDA version 2022.2, and removed the beta version. It's
currently stable, since a long time ago no one has reported problems
with this add-on.
It's the same as previously known as delayed descriptions, with some
internal differences, and with the functionality to always keep the
character description active if you toggle it on. The last
functionality mentioned, cannot be activated permanently, it is useful
for people with deafness.

Although the delayed character description feature is being
implemented in NVDA core, I have a feeling that the way it is being
implemented will generate a lot of inconvenience to the users due to
the method used. Since it will present many differences according to
the synthesizer we are using and the speed at which we set each
synthesizer. Which would be a problem especially for those of us who
have the habit of having several profiles with different speeds, or
who adjust the speed according to the situation. That's why I've opted
to keep giving it maintenance. But this is another topic. You will
have the opportunity to test the feature implemented in the NVDA core,
when it reaches the alpha versions, with all synthesizers that you are

here is the download link for the latest version of enhanced phonetic reading.

P.S. If you want to know more about how this feature is being
implemented in NVDA core, you can read more in this PR and why I
disagree with that aproach.


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