how to use google_speech?

Han Solo

hello everyone! I've been wondering for a while how you create addons for NVDA. I have read the instructions on how to create add-ons. I modified one add-on that says a joke with pyjokes when pressed shortcut. In general, I have the impression that I know how they work. Of course, that's the only way it seems to me :)
Like any newbie I have a lot of questions. Some time ago I managed to write a simple wx application which uses google_speech to convert speech to text. I tried to do the same as an add-on for NVDA but something doesn't work. After installing google_speech and pyaudio I copied it to the addon folder. I imported: from .google_speech import google_speech as srui.message (sr .__ version__)
however it doesn't work. what am i doing wrong?

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