Re: I request testers for an update of the Command Helper addon

Javi Domínguez


Thanks for the feedback. Please try this previous version and tell me if it works well for you with AZERTY keyboard.



El 24/07/2022 a las 19:13, Abdel escribió:
Hi Javi and all,

First of all, a big thanks for this very useful add-on!

Sorry for not having answered your first request, I did not have time to do so.

So here is my feedback for the 2 versions you sent.:

I am using a French "AZERTY" keyboard layout.

When ej switch to an arabic keyboard with Alt+shift, NVDA+H works fine to show categories, but pressing the initials refers to the "QWERTY" keyboard, so I have to hit the comma to get the M, and so on.

If you are familiar with the "QWERTY" keyboard layout, there is no problem, but I would have preferred it to refer to the "AZERTY" one, which is my default keyboard layout.

For your question about text orientation detection, the unicodedata.bidirectional function should do the job.

It requires a single parameter, which is the character which orientation we want to know.

It returns "AL" or "R" for texts written from right to left, and "L" for texts written from left to right.

The "unicodedata" module is included by default in the Python distribution.


Kind regards,

Le 24/07/2022 à 18:11, Javi Domínguez a écrit :

Yes, the scanCode corresponding to that key is 12 and this is the code to instantiate the gesture:

gesture = keyboardHandler.KeyboardInputGesture({}, 0, 12, False)

The code for the following is 13 and the 14 corresponds to the backspace key. The key to the left of the 1 in top row is 41. Etc.

to add modifier keys you have to indicate them in the first parameter which is a set.

modifiers = {(18, False), (17, False), (16, False)}
gesture = keyboardHandler.KeyboardInputGesture(modifiers, 0, 12, False)



El 24/07/2022 a las 17:21, Alberto Buffolino escribió:
Il 24/07/2022 17.11, Javi Domínguez ha scritto:
I'm trying something else: now I use scanCode instead of vkCode. This refers to the physical position of the key regardless of layout or alphabet. Maybe that works fine.
Hi Javi,
sorry, I missed something here, but I'm interested to quoted part. So you are saying that I can discover programmatically what's the key at the right of 0, in current keyboard layout?
It could be a small, good improvement in ColumnsReview.
About virtual menus and filter of pressed keys, if you're interested, I remember to had written a bit of related code in getScript method of toolbarsExplorer.

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