Re: I request testers for an update of the Command Helper addon

Javi Domínguez


Yes, the scanCode corresponding to that key is 12 and this is the code to instantiate the gesture:

gesture = keyboardHandler.KeyboardInputGesture({}, 0, 12, False)

The code for the following is 13 and the 14 corresponds to the backspace key. The key to the left of the 1 in top row is 41. Etc.

to add modifier keys you have to indicate them in the first parameter which is a set.

modifiers = {(18, False), (17, False), (16, False)}
gesture = keyboardHandler.KeyboardInputGesture(modifiers, 0, 12, False)



El 24/07/2022 a las 17:21, Alberto Buffolino escribió:
Il 24/07/2022 17.11, Javi Domínguez ha scritto:
I'm trying something else: now I use scanCode instead of vkCode. This refers to the physical position of the key regardless of layout or alphabet. Maybe that works fine.
Hi Javi,
sorry, I missed something here, but I'm interested to quoted part. So you are saying that I can discover programmatically what's the key at the right of 0, in current keyboard layout?
It could be a small, good improvement in ColumnsReview.
About virtual menus and filter of pressed keys, if you're interested, I remember to had written a bit of related code in getScript method of toolbarsExplorer.

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