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Well I've tried one windows 10 and two windows 7 machines and the new interface does not speak nor do the alerts even though a sighted person confirms they are still turned on. Yes have run the repair tool. I cannot see that any other add on might have changed this as they have been the same for years. If everyone else says its working then it sounds like at least three copies of dropbox or windows have a unique issue and I'd not know where to start. This sort of thing is mega annoying!


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Sorry, but which last version?

I am using:

NVDA alpha-25623,1d24f9b0

Dropbox 150.4.5000

and the copy notiffications are announced by NVDA as normally...

The last version fo the add-on only announces the presence or absence of the Dropbox icon on systray and if it is there, can allso announce the status...

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Às 09:35 de 20/06/2022, Brian's Mail list account via escreveu:
Not only those but the ding and alert copied to clipboard when you copy link to clipboard no longer is indicated in the latest version and current nvda.

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