Re: Text Analyzer #addonrequest

Luke Davis

René Linke wrote:

but that add-on you referrd, that is very huge and very detailed. It has too many features in it, I wish that add-on would be split up in different smaller
add-ons, though.
You are not alone in thinking that Global Extension has too many different things going on in it to be practical. I don't even think of it when looking for an add-on, because even if it may have the feature I'm looking for, it is such a random collection of things that I don't necessarily want, with such complexity, that understanding everything about it and how it interacts with my other software is a time commitment I can't make.

Not to diminish the work that Paul put into it; I'm sure it is quite an accomplishment and solves many problems for many people. But if it were split into individual add-ons, or even category specific add-on collections, it would help many more people who are looking for specific things.


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