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Dear List,

A particular feature which I have found quite useful in JAWS is the Text Analyzer, which checks for various errors including extra spaces, unmatched opening and closing symbols, font changes, ETC. and notifies the user so that they may fix the mistake. This feature would be immensely helpful for NVDA users, and I am therefore requesting an add-on which adds this functionality. The documentation describing the text analyzer is pasted below, fully describing how the functionality operates, its configuration options, ETC.

If any developer would be interested in creating this add-on, it would not only be appreciated by me, but also by many NVDA users who write often. Thank you for your time and interest.



--Documentation starts here--

Text Analyzer Group

When editing a document using speech only, inconsistencies such as unmatched parentheses, unintentional format changes, extra whitespace, and stray or unspaced punctuation can often be missed. Text Analyzer is a tool that notifies you of these errors in your document by using a spoken message or WAV file. You can configure JAWS to announce discrepancies by count, by description, or by sound while proofreading the document by line, sentence, paragraph, or Say All command. Braille users will benefit from this since a sound can be emitted before the user has time to read the entire line looking for errors.

Turning On Text Analyzer

Text Analyzer is off by default. To turn it on, do one of the following:

  • Use the layered keystroke, INSERT+SPACEBAR, A. By pressing and releasing INSERT+SPACEBAR, and then pressing A, the Text Analyzer can be toggled on or off.
  • Open Settings Center (INSERT+F2). In the Search edit box type "text analyzer" without the quotes. Press DOWN ARROW to move to Text Analyzer in the filtered results. Press SPACEBAR to select an alert notification.
  • Use Quick Settings (INSERT+V). The process for selecting an alert notification is the same as the Settings Center procedure described above.


If multiple issues are identified in the document, press ALT+WINDOWS Key+I to move to the next item, or ALT+SHIFT+WINDOWS Key+I to move to the previous item. Note that these keystrokes can still be used even if Text Analyzer is off.

Text Analyzer Options

Use the radio buttons in this group to determine the type of alert used to indicate errors when editing or proofreading a document by line, sentence, paragraph, or Say All command. Select Indicate with Sound to play a WAV file when a formatting error is detected. Select Speak Count to announce the number of inconsistencies in the current text. Select Describe Inconsistencies for a description of the error. The default setting is off.

Indicate Mismatched Symbols

Select this check box to enable the detection of mismatched symbols such as parenthesis, braces, brackets, angle brackets, and quotes. If this check box is cleared, the items in the Symbols to Check group are not available.

Symbols to Check

Select one or more check boxes to search for mismatched parentheses, braces, brackets, angle brackets, or quotes where the equivalent opening or closing symbol is missing. These check boxes are only available when the Indicate Mismatched Symbols check box is selected.

Inconsistencies to Check

Select one or more check boxes to identify inconsistencies with stray punctuation, extra spaces, missing capital letters, or inverted lowercase and uppercase text.

Font Changes to Check

Select one or more check boxes to identify incorrect font changes in the current text including name, size, attributes, and colors.

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