Re: golden cursor problem

Ibrahim Hamadeh

The file.gc should be constructed by goldenCursor addon.
it is just a file to preserve the positions of the mouse in specific application.
So if you mean that your file, heartstone.gc
has been created by another instance of goldenCursor addon, and you want to include it in your current addon
Really goldenCursor does not have an import feature
So, you have to copy the file heartstone.gc
then enter the folder of goldenCursor addon
in the root folder of the addon, meaning this folder
you may find a folder named mousePositions
now enter it, and paste your .gc file in it.
If you did not find the folder named mousePositions
then that means, you haven't yet save any positions using the addon
Try to save one positions for any program, say notepad for instance
after that the folder mousePositions, will show up, and you can paste your file in it.
Then restart NVDA, and go on.

On 6/18/2022 11:05 AM, leglaude wrote:
Hi all,
I try use golden cursor.
I have a script it's a file.gc
But I not find where I can import file.gc for my application.
it's for game heartstone.
the file for golden cursor is heartstone.gc

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