Re: Telegram group for discussing NVDA addons development topics

René Linke

Hi William,

Telegram is accessible if you are using it on a computer via Tweesecake or Unigram App for Windows and UnigramPlus add-on for NVDA.
In iOS, it is just in some points accessible, but it is getting slowly better.
Don't use the Telegram Desktop App for Windows, that isn't accessible at all with NVDA.

Tweesecake can be found here (no NVDA add-ons needed):

The Unigram App for Windows can be found here:

And the UnigramPlus add-on for NVDA from here:

If you want to use the add-on, don't forget to enable the checkbox for checking on UnigramPlus updated when NVDA starts. It is disabled by default.
Then you will get a message box automatically if there is an update where you can just click on the Yes button to install it.


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