Re: How to distribute up to date translated documentation with an add-on release?

Lukasz Golonka

Hello Cyrille,

Thanks for your message. Some additional questions / thoughts below:

On Wed, 01 Jun 2022 01:06:52 -0700
"Cyrille via" <cyrille.bougot2@...> wrote:

Unfortunately there is no other option with the current translation system due to the strong dependency between the website documentation and the add-on documentation.
Out of interest, what approach you're using for your add-ons

Let's hope this dependency will be handled better in the new add-on store.
I don't think this is a goal of the new add-on store. As far as I can
tell it would just expose add-ons metadata to clients in a friendlier
way, and allow easier submissions of new add-ons. What may help in the
long run is the new translations system which NV Access is talking about,
but I can't see it being available anytime soon.
The ideal approach would be to improve the existing mr config repo so
that these issues are handled better. Has anyone contacted NV Access to
ask if community contributions there are accepted? At any rate the
system is not very well documented, and working on it outside of NV
Access servers would certainly necessitate mocking parts of the
What I'm worried about is that complete rewrite of the current
translation system, or for that matter any other system which works, is
never a good idea (pretty famous essay about that problem here: so
improving what we already have sounds more realistic.

In the mean time, the only thing you can do is to re-implement your own translation system, e.g. running yourself the translation framework scripts in your repo via GitHub actions. Probably a lot of work for something that will just be used until the add-on store is up and running.
Has anyone investigated that idea? I'm not sure how it would solve my
issues, since if the documentation is committed to SVN it becomes
automatically available on the website unless I misunderstand how the
system works.


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