How to distribute up to date translated documentation with an add-on release?

Lukasz Golonka

Hi all,
I am recently investigating how one is supposed to distribute translated
documentation alongside the add-on release, and unless I'm missing
something here this appears not to be easily doable.
To the best of my knowledge the new documentation strings are
available to translators only after the new version of the documentation
is published on the add-ons website which gives me two, both imperfect
ways of having it up to date inside an actual add-on release:
1. Add the new documentation on the website *before* actually releasing
the new version of the add-on, wait some time for translators to
catch-up, pull the translated strings to the git repository and release
afterwards. This obviously means that the documentation on the website
describes changes which are not yet available in a compiled form.
2. Release the version of the add-on with outdated documentation, update
it on the website, wait some time for translations, update the
documentation inside add-on and release again. In that case
documentation inside the new release would once again be outdated, so
we're back to a square one.

What am I missing here? Is translation system for add-ons really not
advanced enough for such a simple requirement as updating documentation
before an actual release?


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