Status of my add-ons and NVDA 2022.1

Lukasz Golonka

Dear all,
As you may noticed I haven't been very active on the add-ons front lately and as a result none of my add-ons available on the official website are compatible with NVDA 2022.1 as of yet. I don't want to go to too much details about the circumstances save that various health and academic related issues happened at the same time and I had to let go of various non-essential activities not to spread myself too thin.
As to my add-ons the tentative plan for updates is as follows:
Add-on for Becky – compatible already and would be submitted to the official repository when reviewed by the community or next Monday whichever happens first.
winWizard – in terms of code compatibility the necessary changes have been made – I have some issues related to translations (I'll
ask about them in a separate topic as not to clutter this conversation) but
when these are clarified I'll also release a compatible version.
percentageChecker – I intent to release a compatible version but the code is in a pretty bad shape. My aim is to work on it this or the next weekend and release a new version after necessary changes are made.
OCR – I'm not sure if anyone except myself is still using it. If there are any users (perhaps in your local language communities) please reply to this message. In that case I'll release the code identical to the current stable release, but compatible with 2022.1 If there would be no requests for this add-on I'd rather spend a little more time on it and finally make it work with the newer version of Tesseract, but I don't want to provide any ETA on this.


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