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Are you sure? That is peculiar, as it says I'm running the latest version. I have reinstall the previous on and installed the newer on in the alpha branch now.

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Some comments...

Brian wrote:

I think the actual thing that has been cut, copied pasted etc, is not that relevant in the main, but the actual indication that something has happened is.

In the current stable version user can configure if he wants to hear what was copied, cut or pasted or hear only copy, cut or paste...

Brian wrote:

It also sometimes gets confused if you have used the keypad modes to cut stuff to the clipboard, I get random things like no change or nothing spoken at times.

Sorry, but the current stable version do not have any more the check of clipboard content, so the message "No change" is no more present in the add-on...

This check was removed because it was inconsistent...

Rui Fontes

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