Re: Latest version of Clipspeak

Rui Fontes

Nop, due to the fact of existing several keystrokes for that...

At least, Control+A in english and brazilian portuguese and Control+T in portuguese...

And, even in portuguese, some programs use Control+A...

In File explorer you can check through the status bar...

How to solve that to avoid erroneous informations?

Rui Fontes

Às 11:39 de 10/05/2022, Jelal Bairamoglou escreveu:

 does not speak when you select all files in Explorer.

On 3/5/2022 1:20 μ.μ., Rui Fontes wrote:

I do not use GoldWave, so I do not know how to restrict the announcement of information to just when necessary...

Rui Fontes

Às 08:57 de 03/05/2022, Brian's Mail list account via escreveu:
Seems to have got rid of cut announcement in Goldwave which is the same command as in word. Its totally silent whereas the previous version said cut text, but that could have just been made to say cut everywhere.
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