Re: Now official: Sound Splitter 22.02, requesting review before submitting to community add-ons registry

Lukasz Golonka

Basic review results:

* License and copyright: pass
* Documentation: pass
* Security: pass
* User experience: pass
* Code and code comments: pass with some nits:
- There are several misspells in the comments rright -> right, yilds ->
- Docstring for executeAsynchronously should be tweaked as it still
references stuff from Tony's add-on e.g.GlobalPlugin.script_editJupyter
- All messages in the script and the script documentation itself don't
have comments for translators.
- I haven't tested this explicitly but the add-on probably wouldn't work
in source copes of NVDA since it relies on NVDA's process name. I'd
suggest to rely on the PID of the process if possible and comparing it
with the result of os.getpid.
- While I understand why you're monkeypatching nvwave (there is no
better way for now) perhaps in the future it would be nice to add
additional extension point into core of NVDA which would allow to
execute arbitrary function after executes.


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