Re: A global plugin problem

Ken Perry

Ok that makes since.  And it works partly.   I also need to use the PIL library so when I did the old plugin I put the package for PIL and the package for aenum in the folder. And then referenced them just like I would any other time.  Now that is not working.  The following is the code I used before what do I need to do now.  Is there a better way to include two packages that are not installed with NVDA.


PLUGIN_DIR = os.path.dirname(__file__)


# Add bundled copy of PIL to module search path.

sys.path.append(os.path.join(PLUGIN_DIR, "PIL"))

import ImageGrab

del sys.path[-1]



I have another set of this code in to import from aenum but it used to be

From aenum import IntFlag

From aenum import enum



Now that will not work.  I tried doing all kinds of things for the above problem but I am at a loss how to fix it.  Is there a way to install packages into plugins now or is there some python way to fix this.



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Subject: Re: [nvda-addons] A global plugin problem



You must use relative import like so:

from . import modname


This, by the way, also works in Python 2.




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Subject: Re: [nvda-addons] A global plugin problem



I don’t mind saying exactly what it is.  I do wish there was  a generic answer.  This is to fix the Graphiti plugin.  It is for a demo unit.  My file structure right now looks something like this


Scratchpad/ globalPlugins/Graphiti/

Scratchpad/ globalPlugins/graphiti/


The code in looks like:

Import graphiti


The graphiti class is the driver for the device.  I use it in other programs with no problem just like this and it worked when I used it in the global plugin for the older version of NV DA.  I have updated the and the and the works if I replace the use of the with messages to test it.  The error in the log is on the line where the import graphiti is and the log says it can’t find the graphiti module.



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I think this changed in python3 and I usually have to mess around until it works. I don’t know the directory structure you have, but for something like



If you then have and and you need to tell it to look in the current directory for other files in that folder such as

import .myModule

from .myFunctions import makeBraille, makeSpeech


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Subject: [nvda-addons] A global plugin problem


I have an old global plug in for before NVDA was switched to  3.x   It worked fine and I have fixed all the problems that have to do with the difference in python types.


Here is the problem I have several python files in the global plugin.  The file has an import like this:


Import myclass


Then there is a file in the same folder



The global plugin can not find the file I am importing.  It used to work fine is there some new thing I have to do to let the global plugin know where my other classes are? Note I have my global plugin in a folder like myplugin under the developer scratchpad folder and I know it is at least being found because if I take the class I am importing out the key press works fine and presents the message I want it to.     In the log though it says it can’t find myclass module.




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