A global plugin problem

Ken Perry

I have an old global plug in for before NVDA was switched to  3.x   It worked fine and I have fixed all the problems that have to do with the difference in python types.


Here is the problem I have several python files in the global plugin.  The


__init__.py file has an import like this:


Import myclass


Then there is a file in the same folder





The global plugin can not find the file I am importing.  It used to work fine is there some new thing I have to do to let the global plugin know where my other classes are? Note I have my global plugin in a folder like myplugin under the developer scratchpad folder and I know it is at least being found because if I take the class I am importing out the key press works fine and presents the message I want it to.     In the log though it says it can’t find myclass module.




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