Re: At last... RibbonExplorer #newaddon

Alberto Buffolino

Joseph Lee, il 13/01/2022 21.41, ha scritto:
I must say this is one of the well-documented add-ons as far as source code is concerned. A note about object presentation type at the beginning was really helpful, too.
thanks Joseph. Yes, presentationType was been an interesting discovery, personally. I think it'd be useful in other add-ons too, like ToolbarsExplorer.
Regarding license: I understand that this add-on is licensed under GNU GPL 3, which is incompatible with GPL 2. Have you considered re-licensing the add-on?
yes, my error, I'll change in v2.
Subsequent to the publication of the add-on dev snapshot, there has been a discussion on the users list about using native interface versus an add-on like this (see the NvDA list archive for details).
I have seen. I have a bit different opinions, not very flattering, concerning Ribbons accessibility, hierarchical exploration, moving/gesture predictability and the overview of the potential that a menu must give over its application, a lot of these related to mind organization and rapid learning and operating in unusual contexts, but, sure, knowing native interface is a better approach than using an add-on that could become unfunctional in any moment.
So, patience... this add-on will probably remain an experiment, in a minimum-effort state of support.

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